Finding Alpha Users

Today I created two parallel domains to test out ways of driving new users to Noodlix. Both domains feature a simple landing page that is suitable for advertising. Users can read a brief synopsis of what the service aims to provide and then signup for the site’s newsletter.

Site A:

Noodlix Splash Page

Site B:

Countless Minds Splash Page

Under the hood, both sites *are* the same service. There are some minor CSS and domain name differences, but the content is identical. I created a Facebook Ad and two Google AdWords campaigns. So far I’ve had some interest from people I know directly, but I haven’t started promoting the idea very hard online until now.

On the backend, these forms just submit an email message, notifying me when someone has subscribed (or unsubscribed). I set an initial deadline of December 1 for the Alpha group. The plan is to iterate with whoever joins between now and the end of my NMotion prelaunch class.

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