I started playing Go recently and I wanted a decent Windows program to use. A friend of mine showed me iGoWin. I noticed after I downloaded it that the installer was pretty basic. It was written in 1997-98 and uses the outdated .hlp help file format. While still quite useable in Windows 7 64-bit, it was clear that the installer and help files needed some TLC.

To that end I have recompiled the help files in .chm format and included links to them with a full-fledged installer (created using NSIS). The original author (David Fotland) would have to recompile the program to include links to the updated chm files.

iGoWin is a free version of “The Many Faces of Go”. If you like using it, please consider buying the full version. I’ve included a link to David’s retail product page below.


Provided below are links to the original download page I obtained iGoWin from as well as a direct link to the self-extracting package.


SHA-1 Hashes:

  • 57488a984d7ec2a8e4805d584933b99f93fcfea9: iGoWin_1_0_0.exe
  • f53895fc1818d2dbd12c8c838dce6b22029874a9: igowin.exe (Program)
  • 5d9a4f7de219fcf62ea7a9df1b2aabb8695ce7f7: igowin.exe (Installer)

Package Contents:

  • 43383371eda4c4d9892a5098fc86d7d845abb17e: Grain.bmp
  • edb04c8b981220cb945eb942fc14ce7ca0352444: iGoWin.chm
  • f53895fc1818d2dbd12c8c838dce6b22029874a9: igowin.exe
  • 52428e803920c08e44d455daf92359576c0cd708: Igowin.hlp
  • ac756443e5162e590be76c189b0cbcb2fad38519: iGoWin64.ico
  • cce5ad03df1aeda019eb759858c0902f578d2bd8: ReadMe.txt
  • ace4fab947324913abc3a2d0fe3f0ddb54b872e9: Tutor.chm
  • 8acdf156a1b39512001489a1baddbfe980afe738: Tutor.hlp
  • 491d74e7b31fdec3c7f4b0821a022ef042fde0f5: Uninstall.exe
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